Interactive Online Booth Booking System

For business events, fairs, exhibitions, trade shows and conferences

An interactive, booth floor plan & web interface for exhibitors to select and reserve booths online. Best booth booking solution for business events, fairs, exhibitions, trade shows and conferences.

Key Features


Cloud based system, easy integration with any website, no programming required.


Each booth can have its own popup info-box to display title and description about the exhibitor.


No software for the exhibitors to download or install.


Easy management function for website administrator to move exhibitors around, change booth status and edit booth price or descriptions.


Exhibitors can simply view the floor plan on your own website, then select the available booth and buy online.


The same system can be used for multiple events, just change the floor plan and you are ready to go.

Why BoothMozo ?


Save time & money


Improves the efficiency for organizing events


Increasing revenue


24/7 booth booking online


Automated confirmation email


Better Customer Experience

How it Works


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BoothMozo is the world’s leading online booth management system for event organizers . It is used by hundreds of event orgamizer to sell event or exhibition booths online.

Yes, you can!
You can use BoothMozo to get your booth plan setup on cloud and share it online and sell booths online.

You don't need to have a website to use BoothMozo. Every booth map you create on BoothMozo, you get SSL-enables url for your booth map, which you can share on social media or in email etc. and start selling booths online even if you do not have website.

You can choose for your customers to pay via Stripe, or PayPal

Yes, you can!

Yes, you can!


"BoothMozo is an excellent booth booking platform. I use in my all yearly events. BoothMozo helps to solve my problems and manage my commitments."

-Daisy K.

"The perfect tool to book booths for my events of the any type. Easy to use. It allows to book booths with multiple locations."

- Mike J.